ERSA Is The First Official Drone Sports Organisation In The World

We are proud to announce that ERSA has become the first drone sports organisation in the world to receive recognition and approval from the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale “FAI”.

Founded in 1905 the FAI is the world governing body for all air sports, from full size aircraft to hot air balloons, from skydiving to model aircraft.

This historic moment means that drone racing has now been recognised as a real sport and joins the official list of air sports recognised by the FAI.

The FAI released this statement about drone sports and ERSA.

“The FAI recognises that the sport of FPV racing and associated activities are growing fast and clear governance is needed to ensure the sports future. The FAI consulted with the drone sport community and also with the European Rotor Sports Association (ERSA). After meetings with the founders of ERSA, the FAI has acknowledged that ERSA has the best interests of the sport at their heart. With this in mind it is the decision of the FAI to give recognition as FAI Associated Event Organizer to ERSA for Open International or World Cup events (FAI CAT2) in Europe. ERSA will work with the FAI and its National members and receive support and guidance from us. We believe this will empower the drone sport community and with the support of the FAI ensure the sport grows in a way that it remains fair, inclusive and safe.” ~FAI president Dr. John GRUBBSTROM

This truly is a historic time for our sport as we can now stand proud alongside other more established sports. But our work is not done, we must now continue to grow and promote our sport to ensure its place in the history books many many years into the future.

In response to the FAI statement, ERSA make this statement and promise to the community we serve.

“ERSA recognise that if our sport is to grow and develop, proper governance is essential. ERSA further recognises that the international body responsible for all air sports, including drone sports, is the FAI. We are pleased to announce that after many meetings and discussions with the FAI they have entrusted ERSA with the status of FAI Associated Event Organiser for Open International or World Cup events (FAI CAT2) in Europe and we make the following promise to the FAI but more importantly to the drone sports community. ERSA promise that we will to the best of our ability, ensure that the sport grows and develops with the community, that the sport will remain inclusive, fair and safe. We promise to ensure that the grassroots of the sport are always supported and treated as the foundation upon which the sport exists., but above all ERSA promise to listen to and be a voice for the community we serve. This is an historic moment for our amazing sport and we are proud to serve the community and look forward to achieving many more historic moments we can all be proud of. “ ~ERSA president Nigel TOMLINSON

Source: ERSA

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