FPV Drone Racing in UK

One of the most exciting developments in the FPV world is FPV drone racing.  Participants fly their racing aircraft (usually 250 or 280 sized RC quadcopters/ drones) around a course of flags and obstacles against up to 3 other pilots (4 simultaneous live video links is about the limit for the EU legal video transmitters – 6 is possible in the USA).

FPV drone racing is a great social event and can also be very exciting for spectators – particularly if big screens are available to give spectators the live pilot’s view in real time. The best pilots can reach up to 70mph when racing!

FPV drone racing is open to all and beginners are always welcome.  Racing quads are relatively simple and can be built cheaply, making FPV drone racing very accessible for all.

If you’re interested in FPV drone racing you can go along to a race meeting at any of our affiliated FPV drone racing clubs and be sure of a fun, safe and exciting time!  See our Club Finder for FPV Drone Racing Clubs and list yourself as an Interested Flyer (Green Pin) if you like. It’s free!

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