First Indoor Drone Racing Arena Has Finally Been Built

The First Indoor Drone Racing Arena Has Finally Been Built

By Rudy

Nottingham, United Kingdom. A city of many quaint sites, nearby woods, and a…drone racing arena?

First announced a few weeks ago, the UKDS Racing arena is the first in the world that features an indoor drone circuit. The complex contains two arenas – one for beginners and the other for professional pilots who want to compete.

Built in the style of the first outdoor arena in Nevada, USA, this awesome arena is one of a kind.

Called the UKDS Racing Arena, it is located in Nottigham, UK – in a converted stationery building on Iremonger Road.

While the building was originally a warehouse spanning 25,000 square feet, it is now built up for the ultimate racing circuit in the skies.

The circuits are huge, with obstacles and neon lighting for a more futuristic effect. With an investment of just over 100,000 GBP, it’s no wonder that this venue is quickly becoming the word on the lips of every serious drone racer out there.

First Permanent Drone Arena Ever

There are obviously drone races conducted today. Different companies have their own events, most of which are annual.

This Nottingham-based arena will be the first of its kind to be in a permanent location. It is open to the public like any other sports arena like go-karts. You can even rent and fly drones inside the arena, as the UK Drone Store is present with their own store on-site. The variety of drones available is incredible, from camera models to racing models.

Made for an Arena-Style Viewing

Think Star Wars: The Phantom Menace and the legendary podracers on Tatooine. The arena has a massive balcony above for the crowds to come in and watch the craft hurtle around the circuits at breakneck speeds. In fact, most of the drones flying there have top speeds of up to 100mph!

You can stand on the balcony and cheer for your racer or join the action down below. This balcony holds up to 750 people, so the big events won’t have to worry about overcrowding.

A True Racing Experience

For pilots to immerse themselves in the race, this arena’s developers have included an awesome feature. Although they are not using video stabilizers, the drones flown are equipped with special cameras connected to VR goggles.

The pilot will see the flight in first-person view. That’s right – you’ll see the action up close and personal when you fly a drone at the UKDS Racing Arena.

The Big Leagues are Interested

In addition to the many people coming in to use this arena from all over the country, there are big companies with their eye on it too. iSeries, one of the biggest drone racing managers out there, is already looking at the UKDS Arena for their next tournament. With the gorgeous racing arena lit up with blue and green neon and the great viewing area, this place is prime for a competition.

Nottingham looks like it is about to be livened up.

More people are turning their heads to this arena. Before long, there will be drones racing through the circuits in heated competition or dog fighting to the death in the skies above to the roar of an excited crowd.

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